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Sunday 07 August ,2022

The National Library and Archives issues the book of "The Second International Translation Conference" which tackles the image of the UAE in cultures, literature and world intellectual heritage

The National Library and Archives issues the book of "The Second International Translation Conference" which tackles the image of the UAE in cultures, literature and world intellectual heritage

The National Library and Archives is about to issue its most recent publication, the book of the peer reviewed research papers presented at the Second International Translation Conference 2022 organized and virtually held by the National Library and Archives from 9-13 May 2022, under the slogan: (Translation and Preserving the Memory of the Nation… The Image of the UAE in Cultures, Literatures and World Intellectual Heritage) The program included more than 67 research papers which were externally peer-reviewed after the conference to select the papers situable for publication, eventually 20 research papers in Arabic and 20 in various foreign languages were selected and published in two volumes.
In this context, Mr. Hamad Al-Hamiri, Director of Research and Knowledge Services Department, said: The second international translation conference and its theme came in line with the National Library and Archives’ objectives including promoting and highlighting the image of the UAE in cultures, literature and global intellectual heritage, with the stated aim of monitoring all written and translated papers on the ancient Emirati history and contemporary Emirati achievements in various foreign languages through inviting over 70 Researchers and Specialists from major universities and research centers, who presented their research papers in Arabic, and many other foreign languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Slovenian, Albanian, Swedish, Japanese, Hebrew and Dutch among others.
Mr. Al-Hamiri added: The conference sessions were very popular and well received by followers from all over the world; We issued a book including peer reviewed and documented research papers for researchers and all interested in the history of the UAE. This two-volume book which resulted from the translation conference, and its unique topics shall doubtlessly enrich the Emirati, Arab and international libraries.
He pointed out that the first section of the book includes: the inaugural conference speech of His Excellency Abdulla Majid Al Ali, Acting Director General of the National Library and Archives, and the closing speech, in which His Excellency announced the third edition of the International Translation Conference’s date and slogan, and the research papers in Arabic in the first volume, whereas, the second volume includes research papers in various other foreign languages.
It is noteworthy that the main Arabic research papers received and approved by the book supervising committee are those of : Dr. Saddik Gohar, National Library and Archives translation Expert, entitled: “ Journey into the Memory of the Emirates in Many Languages: The National Poetry of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum between History and Legend.”, UAE University Professor, Yahya Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed entitled “Sir Wilfred Patrick Thesiger and his Translation of the Emirati Bedouin Heritage in the Mid-Twentieth Century”, Professor Haj Muhammad Al-Habib, (Center for Scientific and Technical Research for the Development of the Arabic Language - Algeria, entitled “The Toponymy of the United Arab Emirates”. Professor Mohamed Abdel Hamid Khalifa, (Chair of the Arabic Language Department - Damanhour University - ARE) entitled “Modernity or Modernization in the UAE between the Translation of the Term and the Specificity of Culture”, Dr. Ahmed Afifi, (Professor of Linguistics - Cairo University - ARE) entitled “The Impact of translation in Achieving Civilized Communication between Nations”, Ms. Eman Alrami, (Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco) entitled “The Role of the Arab League in Developing Translation and Proceeding towards a Knowledge Society”, Dr. Shahira Zarnaji, (University of Mohamed Khider- Biskra- (Algeria) entitled “The Dangers and Slips of Machine Translation - The Arabic translation of Virginia Woolf's Novel (Mrs. Dalloway) as a model”, Dr. Mohamed Mansour El-Hoodwy, (Lecturer of Arabic and Islamic Studies - Doha - Qatar): entitled "Kalima" project as a Linking Point of Knowledge and Cultural Communication between Civilizations and Nations”, Dr. Elham Mahmoud Mohamed Badr, (Ain Shams University - Cairo – A.R.E. entitled “Machine Translation and its Role in the Digitization of the Arabic Language: Improving the Quality of Machine Translation from Hebrew to Arabic, Dr. Emad Khalaf (Translator- Sharjah- UAE entitled “Machine Translation between Arabic and Persian: An Analytical Study and Criteria for a Better Translation”, Professor Yahya Abdel-Tawab, (from the Theatre Institute- Kuwait) entitled “Translation and Culture in the Era of Globalization”, Professor Hassan bin Saeed Ghazala, (Umm Al-Qura University- KSA) and Dr. Naima Al-Ghamdi, (Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University- KSA) entitled “exploring Linguistic, Cognitive, Communicative, Cultural and Technological Dimensions of Translation: An Integrative Approach”, Professor Labidi Bouabdallah and Dr. Haitham Zeinhom Morsi, (Mohammed bin Zayed University for Human Sciences - Abu Dhabi - UAE) entitled “The Role of Semantic Space in Solving Machine Translation Problems: Construction and Description of a New Applied Technical Model”, Mr. Khaled Arafa Salem, (Researcher in Translation Studies- Ajman- UAE) entitled “Screen Translation between the Past and Present: A Historic Approach”, and of Prof. Dr. Maher El-Sherbiny, from the Japanese Language Department at Cairo University, entitled: "The problems of translating proper names from the Japanese to Arabic language."