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Thursday 06 July ,2023

The National Library and Archives celebrated the launch of its "Al-Maqtaa" quarterly cultural magazine concerned with cultural and societal aspects of history and heritage

The National Library and Archives celebrated the launch of its "Al-Maqtaa" quarterly cultural magazine concerned with cultural and societal aspects of history and heritage 
The National Library and Archives launched the first issue of its "Al Maqtaa" quarterly cultural magazine concurrently with the Year of Sustain-ability. The magazine is concerned with the cultural and social aspects of heritage and history. Through this magazine, the National Library and Ar-chives aims to enrich the cultural scene and raise historical and cultural awareness of the history of the UAE and the region.
At the magazine’s first issue’s launching ceremony, which took place at the National Library and Archives’ headquarters in the (Summer of 2023), His Excellency Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Director General, confirmed  that Al-Maqta magazine constitutes a new addition to the National Library and Ar-chives publications that enhance its rich UAE cultural sustainability record, and reflect the UAE wise leadership’s support of various cultural affairs and activities which enhance and promote cultural and intellectual participa-tion.
H.E. expressed his optimism upon the issuance of Al-Maqta magazine in line with the National Library and Archives’ legacy and its keen interest in collecting and preserving the memory of the nation, H.E. stressed  the NLA’s great role in and contribution to the creation of the UAE history and heritage’s intellectual and cultural content in accordance with the prevailing cultural trends, and expressed great confidence that the magazine will earn its deserved place on the shelves of prominent Emirati and Arab libraries, and that it will attract the special attention of the culture and knowledge in-terested and passionate public.
His Excellency added: "Al Maqta magazine, with its designed Emirati identi-ty, has a goal and a mission that are closely related and associated to the National Library and Archives’ objectives and mission supporting its providing the cultural circles with studies, research and reports that meet the readers' expectations and serve their needs, especially that it enhances the National Library and Archives’ status as a prominent cultural organiza-tion that has long served to enhance the  United Arab Emirates’ status as a cultural beacon. H.E. pointed out that Al Maqta magazine’s title: “the gate-way to the heart of Abu Dhabi starts here” reflects its identity and raises the world’s awareness about Abu Dhabi’s quantum leap and unparalleled jour-ney, march and leading experience in development, progress and prosperity.
His Excellency called on the public, media, academic and intellectual profes-sionals to enrich the magazine with their creative ideas and contributions.
Mrs. Nada Al Zarooni, Managing Editor, highlighted the Al-Maqtaa maga-zine as tackling historical and heritage affairs of cultural and social nature, and as part of the National Library and Archives treasures and achieve-ments.
She then discussed the magazine’s vision as mainly concerned with raising readers’ historical and cultural awareness and enriching the cultural scene in line with the National Library and Archives’ mission and in reflection of its interests, efforts, and objectives. She also provided an overview of the mag-azine's various sections. 
The magazine’s first edition started with H.E. Abdullah Majed Al Ali, Edi-tor-in-Chief’s inaugural keynote: "Al Maqta: The UAE’s Journey", where H.E. stressed that Al-Maqta magazine is one of the cultural initiatives that benefited from the prosperous and rich cultural environment, its pages in-troduce various topics that include documenting the UAE Leaders, Sheikhs and senior prominent figures’ achievements and inspirational stages, and documenting societal history based on the National Library and Archives’ collected documents and other holdings.
The magazine began its topics with the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Na-hyan as the key personality of its first issue.
It also tackled various topics including: sustainability, the UAE slogan for 2023, a story in a picture, an introduction to the National Library and Ar-chives, from their memory, the history of things, and unforgettable names, among others.
The first issue of the magazine, among its rich articles and reports also tack-led Mohammed bin Rashid Library as an environment-friendly knowledge beacon and introduced a variety of topics on tradition as opposed to mo-dernity in Abu Dhabi, content creators, on a trip through the Liwa sand dunes and fig-tree oases. It also tackled arts through the biography of the multi-award-winning Emirati painter Abdul Qader Al Rais, and introduced numerous key publications, and an article on "Horses". The managing edi-tor’s article entitled: "Al Maqta: the story beginning".