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Friday 10 June ,2022

The National Archives and Library celebrates the International Archives Week

His Excellency Al Ali visits the King Fahd National Library and praises its role
The Archives and the National Library concludes its participation in a symposium on archives in Islamic countries in Riyadh

The Archives and the National Library concluded their participation in the symposium "National Archives in Islamic Countries: Distinguished Experiences and Future Directions", which came to celebrate the International Archives Week. Exchanging experiences and solutions, presenting challenges to the table for research, and exchanging distinguished experiences, pointing out that these experiences have been acquired in the archives and the National Library since the founding of the UAE by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, God willing, and were strengthened during the years of empowerment in The era of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul in peace - and the Archives and the National Library were keen to ensure that experiences and challenges, such as artificial intelligence, digital preservation and sustainability, are among the scientific themes that will be addressed by the International Archives Congress, which will be hosted by Abu Dhabi in October 2023, leading to the empowerment of knowledge societies. His Excellency praised the topic of the symposium and its themes that contribute to the advancement of archival work.
The symposium witnessed a lecture entitled: “Archives and Empowerment” presented by Mr. Hamad Al-Mutairi, Director of the Archives Department, in which he touched on the role of the Archives and the National Library in promoting archival culture locally, regionally and globally, and the interest in empowerment in providing the necessary resources to facilitate the functioning of the archival system in the country and the region, and empowering workers in the archives. This sector is provided with the necessary programs that qualify them with the skills that enable them to carry out the tasks entrusted to them, especially in light of the developments and changes that the archives and the National Library are going through at this stage.
The lecture explained ways to empower human cadres with academic scientific programs established by the Archives and the National Library in cooperation with Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. Such as professional degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees, all of which are in document management, archive science, and archival studies. He emphasized that the archive and the national library focus on mutual cooperation with leading universities in the UAE in the field of technology to enhance artificial intelligence and future affairs, and the interest of the archive and the national library in knowledge management and knowledge transfer, and he highlighted the accelerators government and transformational projects in the United Arab Emirates... and others.
On the sidelines of the symposium, His Excellency the Acting Director General of the Archives and the National Library, accompanied by Mr. Hamad Al-Mutairi, Director of the Archives Department, visited the King Fahd Library in Riyadh, where they were briefed on
The library's holdings include historical photographs, holdings related to history and heritage, and what is related to Arab and Islamic civilization, manuscripts and historical documents.
His Excellency praised what the King Fahd National Library of Saudi Arabia has achieved in terms of information and desktop publishing, and it has been able to achieve many ambitious achievements and goals in the field of developing the library’s holdings and equipment, achieving its goals in the fields of documentation and preserving Saudi intellectual production, and providing the services of researchers and pioneers of knowledge in line with comprehensive development. The brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing, and His Excellency affirmed that the advanced status of the King Fahd Library as a national library opens horizons for the Emirati National Library that we are working to establish.
It is worth noting that the Archives and the National Library celebrated the International Archives Day this year by organizing a forum on the role of government agencies in supporting the nation’s memory. In this forum, we focused on the importance of the International Archives Day, the merging of the Archives and the National Library, and the positive impact of that on the state’s archives. Providing documented information to researchers, and the efforts made by the Archive and the National Library in terms of organizing archives in the official authorities and their impact on preserving historical documents, and the role of the Archive and the National Library in qualifying archival cadres through training courses, workshops and lectures that are constantly organized by experts and specialists in archiving affairs, and the cooperation of the Archive and the National Library with the University of Sorbonne Abu Dhabi in creating higher academic degrees in archival studies.
Participating in this virtual forum were: His Excellency Salah Al Mahmoud, Director General of the Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority, His Excellency Khaled Nasser Al Raisi, Advisor to the Minister of Justice, and His Excellency Rashid Al Dhaheri, Director of the Documentation and Archiving Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The session was moderated by Mr. Hamad Al Mutairi, Director of Archives Department in the Archives and the National Library. .
The Archives and the National Library started the activities of celebrating the World Archives Week on June 6, 2022, with the participation of the Archives and the National Library in the virtual conference (Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Documents and Archives Management) organized by the International Council of Archives.