Translation And Preserving of The Memory of The Nation

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09 May ,2022 - 7:00 am

Translation And Preserving of The Memory of The Nation: The Image of the UAE in Cultures, Literatures and World Intellectual Heritage

Empowering the civilized role of the UAE National Library and Archives in preserving the memory of the nation, and strengthening the intimate ties between the Emirati society and the NLA as a beacon for advanced academic research and a pivotal tributary of knowledge in the field of translation and publishing, the NLA organizes the Second International Translation Conference entitled: Translation and Preservation of the Memory of the Nation: The Image of the Emirates in Cultures, Literatures, and World Intellectual Heritage) from 9 to 13 May 2022. The conference will be held within the framework of the unprecedented efforts to translate and publish books about UAE history and cultural heritage in all major world languages and build bridges of communication with other cultures and civilizations around the world. More than 70 researchers from 25 countries worldwide will explore a number of important themes, including (the image of the UAE in the eyes of European travelers and the problems of translation from European languages into Arabic) in addition to (western historical and political narratives about the Emirates and the dilemmas of translation in the new millennium). The speakers will also discuss topics such as (contemporary Emirati civilizational achievements in European and Asian writings and translation challenges at the current time) as well as (the role of translation in enhancing the image of the UAE and its cultural heritage in the twenty-first century at the global level). Moreover, the panelists will investigate topics such as (the representation of the UAE society in Western cultures and literatures) in addition to (the role of UAE governmental institutions in developing the translation movement in the Arab world) and other crucial topics on translation and creativity and the challenges of machine translation and the preparation of translators for the labor market.