The National Library and Archives celebrates the 50th UAE National Day

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image Monday 29 November ,2021

The National Library and Archives celebrates the 50th UAE National Day

The National Library and Archivescelebrates the 50th UAE National Day

The National Library and Archivescelebrated the 50th UAE National Day. On this occasion, H.E. Abdullah Majid Al Ali,  Acting Director General of the National Library and Archives, confirmed in his speech that the National Library and Archives will make its next stage a golden stage  full of achievement and giving in all areas related to its vision, mission, objectives and tasks, in order to relentlessly keep pace with the development and progress witnessed by the international Library and Archives, and guided by our with leadership’s visions, and the ten national principles for the next 50 years, approved by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed al-Nahyan.
His Excellency congratulated our wise leadership and the people of the UAE, and renewed commitment to continue giving and achieving so that our precious Emirates remains in the forefront.
His Excellency said: “We will remain one hand in the light of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs, and we will continue to enjoy his precious trust”. He praised the follow up of the National Library and Archives’ Board of Directors, chaired by H.E. Hamad Abdul Rahman Al-Madfaa, pointing out that it spares no effort so that the National Library and Archivesachieves further success and excellence on the local, Arab and international levels.
He affirmed meeting the challenges of the next phase, which will witness various strategic projects, notably the National Library and Archivesand the National Library merger and the emanating new strategies, in addition to other important projects which contribute to the National Library and Archives’ workflow. They include smart empowerment and digital transformation of all services, activation of key tasks in competitive and innovative ways,  participation and integration with the government and private sector to implement transformational projects, in addition to preparing cadres,  attracting  talents,  focusing on quality of life, research services and knowledge lectures, providing proactive services, and interacting with the community through different events.
The National Day ceremony was held at the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Hall at the National Library and Archives in the presence of its departments’ directors, staff members, and a number of guests.
The UAE’s national anthem was played first and then a documentary, which urged action and concerted efforts in the next 50 years so that the UAE can continue its successful march and maintain its outstanding rank among the countries of the world.
Then, Mr. Hamad Al-Mutairi, Director of the Archives Department shed light on the contents of the virtual Exhibition of the UAE’s Establishment, which the National Library and Archives will launch on a special page on the digital portal website of the Arabian Gulf Digital Archive (AGDA). The exhibition showcases three phases: the first of which is the Pre-Union between (1968 -1971), and it   includes initiatives that heralded the foundation of the Union. The second phase depicts the Union and contains relevant documents and multimedia featuring flag-raising, conventions and the Founding fathers’ efforts and achievements. It introduces each of those great men, displaying their pictures and profiles.
The third phase of the exhibition extends from 1971- 2021 and contains a chronological order documenting each year with pictures, documents, documentaries, and other archival materials available at the National Library and Archives. The exhibition also includes audio recordings of the Founder and Builder, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan talking about the union, its goals and aspirations.
The ceremony attendants watched Shaima Al Mughairi, as she created the story of Arqoub Al Sedira in sand drawing, depicting the Union from the beginning up until the development and prosperity of the UAE.
On this occasion, H.E. the Director General of the National Library and Archives honored the staff members who received the Doctoral Degree, the long-serving employees, and the dedicated workers who served the National Library and Archives .