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Wednesday 01 June ,2016

The National Archives lectures on Zayed's Leadership Genius at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The National Archives lectures on Zayed's Leadership Genius at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Within the framework of its cultural season, the National Archives of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, in cooperation with the Department of Studies and Research at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, organized a national lecture entitled: "Zayed... The Philosophy of Governance and the Genius of Leadership" at the Ministry's General Court in Abu Dhabi. This lecture is one of the lectures that the National Archives enriched its cultural season and national activities, deriving its themes and content from the biography of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul - and from his thought, wisdom and philosophy in politics and governance, because of its great impact in enhancing loyalty and belonging to the country.

Research expert at the National Archives Abdul Latif Al-Sayadi focused in his lecture on two important axes, the first: Zayed and his genius in facing the challenges of establishing the Union State, supporting what he concluded with examples of the leader’s skill in settling outstanding border issues with some of the regional neighboring countries, and his discreet political handling of the issue The invasion and occupation of the three Emirati islands by Iran in 1971, and his continuing wisdom in dealing with the issue of regional recognition of his nascent state. As for the second axis, the lecturer dealt with several topics, the most important of which are: Zayed between the presidency and leadership, and Zayed and exceptional leadership, compared to a number of world leaders who lived with him; Based on the historical documents that our national archives abound.

   The lecturer pointed out that Zayed's humanitarian, developmental and political achievements are among the absolute facts that require going beyond the descriptive narration and numerical enumeration of those achievements to re-reading flashes of this great Arab leader's thought and philosophy in building the state and establishing the union, and reviewing the local, regional and international challenges he faced to achieve his dream with political wisdom. Unique, insightful, and an outstanding leadership personality, then investigate the unique exception in his personality as a unitary leader and leader.

 The lecture was filled with many supporting documents and established historical facts, which root the great leadership skills of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, and how he was able to achieve safe passage for this young country in extremely difficult and complex regional and international circumstances, to take its distinguished political and civil status among nations in a short period of time compared to the ages of nations.