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Thursday 02 June ,2016

The National Archives obtains the global asset management certificate

On the road to achieving quality and excellence

The National Archives obtains the global asset management certificate

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates obtained the (ISO 55001) certificate for its asset management system, which came after passing external audits by an international accreditation body. Assets are: physical and informational assets such as devices, equipment and documents at the headquarters of the National Archives, stressing that historical documents and their archives are state assets. .

This international certificate came to add to the National Archives another dimension that qualifies it to be in the ranks of the most advanced and developed international archives, and it is evidence of high quality and advanced technologies. With which he manages his duties in organizing the official archives in the country, and in collecting historical national documents. 

His Excellency Majid Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the National Archives, said: By obtaining this certificate, the National Archives has proven that it works to manage and use assets in accordance with the highest international standards and automatically; As it pays great attention to all its assets in terms of the method of use and the economics of operation, in the belief of those in charge of the work that this concern is a national duty that would ensure the sustainability of the assets; The National Archives is interested in managing assets, whether in their life cycle or in terms of extending their use, especially in the context of managing assets related to storing historical documents that would extend the life of the historical document by preserving it according to advanced international methods.

Al Muhairi added: The National Archives adopts an ideal system of material assets that are based on scientific foundations that support its orientation towards excellence. The National Archives does not hesitate to maintain and develop assets to achieve maximum benefit from them, due to the importance of its role in preserving the memory of the nation, represented by a number of historical documents, multimedia, equipment and devices that display the content. Historical on researchers and beneficiaries of different segments and ages.

Al Muhairi expressed his happiness that the National Archives obtained this international certificate, which comes as a result of its continuous efforts and high performance in preserving all assets. His Excellency thanked all the National Archives employees for their sense of patriotism and their dealing with assets and using them with the utmost precision and care.