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Sunday 12 June ,2016

The National Archives obtains the ISO certificate in Business Continuity Management

The National Archives obtains the ISO certificate in Business Continuity Management

 The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates obtained the ISO 22301 certificate, which is considered a global standard in the field of business continuity management. Crises, disasters and emergencies.

The National Archives has passed the audits conducted by the British Institute of Standards and Standards (BSI), the leading global body in evaluating management systems and certification solutions, which proved that the National Archives is ready to carry on its work in exceptional circumstances, and it has trained its relevant staff on it.

Regarding this certificate, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Al-Rayyes, Director General of the National Archives, said: The National Archives’ obtaining ISO for the Business Continuity Management System reflects its response to the directives of our wise leadership in its interest in ensuring the continuity of the work of the concerned authorities that contribute to the integration of the preparedness and preparedness system. His Excellency indicated that the Archive NBK is keen to achieve the highest standards in providing its services to customers in all circumstances. The business continuity system is an important achievement, and represents another addition to its successes in the context of its interest in the satisfaction of the beneficiaries and customers and the continuation of providing its services without interruption.

His Excellency stressed that the National Archives, while doing its best to provide its services in accordance with best practices, and working to avoid crises, takes into account unexpected crises that may negatively affect its services. Therefore, it makes alternative practical plans in the event of interruption of its services, and Dr. Al-Rayyes revealed that the National Archives has identified potential risks, and determined how to manage and deal with them in the event of their occurrence. Dealing with emergencies.

It is worth noting that the National Archives organized a workshop to introduce the business continuity system in the presence of its employees. The workshop focused on important documents in times of crisis, such as: business continuity teams, plans necessary for business continuity, escalation mechanisms according to the level of danger and crisis, methods of returning to normal order after recovery, plans Evacuation, communication during crises, priority activities, and incident response. The workshop urged attention to the necessary policies, procedures, and forms, as well as the phone numbers of senior management members, department managers, employees and their families. Testing work procedures, documents and tools, and their suitability to deal with different scenarios.