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Thursday 21 April ,2022

The National Library and Archives finalizes the necessary preparations for the 2nd International Translation Conference

Abdulla Majed Al Ali: We are keen on presenting the UAE’s image in other cultures
The National Library and Archives finalizes the necessary preparations for the 2nd International Translation Conference

The National Library and Archives has completed all necessary preparations for rendering the 2nd International Translation Conference distinctive. The conference will be held under the slogan “Translation and Preservation of the Memory of the Nation: The Image of the UAE in Cultures, Literatures, and World Intellectual Heritage” on May 9-13, 2022, and it aims to translate the achievements and cultural heritage of the UAE in the past and present and build bridges of communication with other cultures and civilizations worldwide.
More than 70 researchers, experts, and specialists from 25 countries participated in this conference, which will be held virtually.
Regarding the 2nd International Translation Conference, H.E. Abdulla Majed Al Ali, Acting Director General of the NLA, said “The National Library and Archives organizes this conference as part of its national role in collecting the UAE’s memory and recording its present to be preserved for the generations to come. Our commitment to develop the conference is due to our interest in maintaining the 1st translation conference’s leading role and the excellence it achieved, given our belief that the UAE leads the efforts to promote translation at the Arab level since translation is one of the key catalysts that stimulate dialogue with the other and spread the culture of tolerance pursued by the UAE Government.”
“This conference will contribute to the presentation of the UAE’s real image of in cultures, literatures, and world intellectual heritage, and by documenting this image, we will be able to enrich the knowledge with the UAE’s history, present and leading unity experience. To promote the translation movement, we, at the NLA, are aware of the important role of translation in the international cultural movement, and we realize the interest of the National Library, which we aspire to become a beacon for culture and civilization in the UAE, in building bridges of communication between cultures and peoples and that it is the ideal means for enriching the international library.”, His Excellency added.
Furthermore, he indicated that as the NLA organizes this international conference, it stressed that this conference is a beacon for academic research and a pivotal tributary of knowledge in the field of translation and publishing. The NLA is dedicated to render this conference the most valuable and important scientific, academic and professional event.
The NLA’s Acting Director General called upon all interested persons, academic staff and university students to attend the conference events, which would enrich their knowledge with the most updated information in this domain.
It is worth mentioning that this conference will tackle a number of significant topics including: “The image of the UAE in the eyes of European travelers and the problems of translation European languages”, “Western historical and political narratives about the UAE and the dilemmas of translation in the new millennium”, “Contemporary Emirati civilizational achievements in European and Asian writings and the challenges of translation at the present time”, “The role of translation in enhancing the image of the UAE and its cultural heritage in the twenty-first century at the global level”, “The representation of the Emirati society in Western cultures and literatures”, “The role of universities and various institutions in developing the translation movement in the Arab world”, “Preparing competent translators for labor market”, “Creativity and audio-visual translation” and “The challenges of machine translation in light of information revolution and contemporary artificial intelligence technologies”, etc.