Watan Min Zhahab (A Homeland Made of Gold), the UAE’s football from commencement to achievements

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image Saturday 13 November ,2021

Watan Min Zhahab (A Homeland Made of Gold), the UAE’s football from commencement to achievements

A New Publication by the National Library and Archives signed in Sharjah Book 2021
Watan Min Zhahab (A Homeland Made of Gold), the UAE’s football from commencement to achievements

The National Library and Archives organized a book signing ceremony for the documentary book Watan Min Zhahab (A Homeland Made of Gold) at Sharjah Book Fair 2021. It is the latest National Library and Archives’ publication concurrently with the preparation for the 50th National Day, celebrated on December 2, 2021. The book confirms that the National Library and Archives has been documenting all walks of life in the UAE since the pre-union stage, making all information available to researchers, and preserving it for future generations. Against this background, it published Watan Min Zhahab, which is a detailed account of the UAE’s football story from commencement to achievements, shedding light on various stations, circumstances, and stories, supported by unique photos depicting the history of the Emirati football.
H.E. Saqr Ghabash, President of the Federal National Council, wrote the book ‘s introduction, in which he pointed out that the book is an important documentation of the Emirati football from its commencement up until its coronation.
In his word entitled "A Blessed March", Mr. Mohammed Aljoker, author of the book, said he was proud that the publication coincided with the UAE’s 50th anniversary, expressing  his happiness  with this national documentary work. He praised the good efforts of the government in supporting sport and providing everything it  needs.
The 460-page and14-chapter book began with the names of leaders who instilled the love of sport in the heart of the people, led by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, and the names of the men who made the history of UAE football, and it featured rare historical photos documenting a unique success story that has become a lesson for generations.
Chapter Two entitled "Father Zayed" presents various timeless stances taken by Hakim al-Arab in all aspects of life locally and internationally, especially in the field of sports, which received his attention and care and witnessed a quantum leap under his reign. The chapter also reviewed the national team's triumphant march and its most prominent achievement qualifying for the 1990 World Cup.
Chapter Three entitled "From the Sea and Sailors, Football with Trade" pointed out the commencement stage, and the story of the arrival of football in the Emirates by English steamers ninety-two years ago. Chapter Four entitled “Beginning of the Story” documented the official football activity before the launch of the first edition of the season league (1973-1974) and its organization stage.
Chapter Five entitled "Men Who Excelled in Every Field" shed light on a number of the most prominent pioneer athletes and administrators, who had a positive impact on the sport movement since its inception, notably the late Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, and H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Chapter Six, "Presidents", is devoted to the Union stage monitoring the Emirates Football Association establishment stage, starting with the presidency of the late Sheikh Mubarak Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, passing through all the presidents, up until the current stage headed by Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi.
Chapter Seven focused on the most famous coaches and the accomplishments, supported with historical photos featuring the various stages. Chapter Eight, "Stars Etched in Memory", documents and chronicles the history of the Emirati sports stars for the past 50 years.
 Chapter Nine "In the World Cup, We Had Stories," related thirty-one year old stories which the UAE joyfully experienced when the national team qualified for the 1990 World Cup in Italy.
Chapter Ten focused on the "Journey of Professionalism" at a turning point in the football career after the establishment of the Professional League Committee in 2008 through to declaring the Professional League an institutional entity in 2019.
"Champions and Championships" is the title of Chapter Eleven, which contains the story of the league shield, which has been won by seven football clubs. The first pro league champion was Shabab Al- Ahli, whereas Al Ain won the title thirteen times, in addition to the top scorers of the first division championship and the pro league. It also shed light on the UAE’s President’s Cup, the 50th Cup champions, Al-Jazira Club as the Pro league Champion, Shabab Al-Ahli as champion of three titles and Al-Orooba Club as the champion of the first division.

The twelfth chapter entitled “Achievements Speak for Themselves” contains the lessons which the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan developed to guide citizens to success, and the precise details of the wise leadership’s support that paved the way for attainment and triumph over challenges. Furthermore, this chapter also touched on the local and international accomplishments which both Al Jazeera Club and the English Manchester City Club made under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. It also highlighted the facilities and sports stadiums in the country.
Chapter 13 reviewed the historical relations between the UAE and other states from the beginning on the sports level. It concluded with a chapter entitled "The Pioneers of the Homeland", which highlighted the honoring received by our most distinguished stars throughout different times from our wise leadership. It also highlighted the role of the National Library and Archives which performs its mission in providing decision makers and the public with documented and trusted information.

It is worth mentioning that Watan Min Zhahab (A Homeland Made from Gold), published by the National Library and Archives, is the 16th book by Mohammed Aljoker, who is known for his efforts in serving the country in the field of documentation of UAE football, and in the field of media. He has received numerous awards and medals in recognition of his sincere efforts.
Book: Watan Min Zhahab (A Homeland Made of Gold)
Publisher: The National Library and Archives, Abu Dhabi, 2021, first edition, 460 large-size pages.
Author: Muhammad Al Joker